#perfectlove ~ Saturated with His love

I just want to share this little bit of what God put on my heart a couple of years ago when I struggled with forgiveness and in turn that caused me to believe that I could only be loved by God if I could measure up..and of course I never could measure up and therefore I always felt like I wasn’t good enough…then one day God started me on a journey of understanding His love and His grace and He’s taken me a long way so far on this journey…. I want to share it with you because when my online bible study mentioned the topic of #perfectlove, God reminded me of this little poem that He downloaded into my spirit so many months ago

Xo Be blessed my friends.

{Saturated with His love}

Nothing I will ever do,
good or bad,
will make God love me less or love me more.
No one or anything,
will take His love away from me.
I’m saturated with His love.
I’m a daughter of the King
and that will never change.
Day and night He’s here with me,
at work and at home
when I come and when I go,
He never leaves or lets me go.
I stumble and fail time and time again,
But now I’ve decided to get back up again,
because I’m ‘getting it’ more and more,
that unconditional love He has:
It’s for me , and it never leaves.
He loves me just as much as the first day I said “hello Jesus, I’m yours now”
And He’ll love me the just as much, no more no less,
on the day I take my last breath and say “I’m coming Jesus to be with you now”
Through my fears and failures,
and through my up’s and down’s,
He’ll never leave me, He’ll never fail me,
His love abounds.
His love knows NO end,
no matter what.
My God loves me,
and that is why I will ALWAYS get back up.
I choose today to believe in that love
and tell you that it’s not just for me,
God loves you to,
He’s saying “come child, believe in me,
I will never ever leave you.”
His love cries out,
it never fails,
never gives up
and keeps no record of wrongs done.
It keeps on forever and ever…
And that my friends, is God’s love.



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