How I met Jesus

Here it ladies!! My video blog testimony! Feel free to leave a comment, a question- what ever God lays on your heart (If God lays anything on your heart) while you’re watching. I tried to keep it somewhat short…anymore then 10 minutes I know we don’t all have much time. We work, we have children, husbands, errands, and most of all Jesus time. ❤


6 thoughts on “How I met Jesus

  1. Wendy and I just watched your blog and we so appreciate your honesty and integrity. We look forward to your next blog. shalom

  2. I agree with you when you said getting married to an unbeliever makes the marriage unbalance because that is my marriage.(unevenly yoked – so true) I thought I knew what you would say “how I met Jesus” but I was wrong. I thought you would have met him in your studies through God’s Word, the Bible before you were baptized. I didn’t realize your congregation doesn’t do this or do they? Having God and his only son Jesus in life is so wonderful.

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